Todd & Elizabeth K, Fairfax

“Carolyn is a knowledgeable real estate agent, as well as a wonderful person.

When we first interviewed Carolyn, we were impressed by her knowledgeable answers to our questions. Carolyn was completely forthright about all aspects of real estate history and practices. She was very patient in answering our questions as first-time sellers. Carolyn’s explanations were so wonderful. She was able to break things down and explain matters so we could understand them. It was Carolyn’s idea to have a professional photographer take pictures for the virtual home tour. They turned out beautifully, and I truly believe the reason we sold our house within 2 weeks is because of the dedicated website and those pictures. 

I treasure her honesty, friendliness, and forthrightness in conducting business, qualities that not everyone has. I do not hesitate in recommending Carolyn to all my friends”.

— Todd & Elizabeth K, Fairfax