Jenny M., Arlington

“I am pleased to recommend Carolyn Connell as a realtor. She did a great job preparing my house for sale –  quite a feat given that I was thousands of miles away. 

Carolyn figured out what repairs and fix-ups were needed for the house to be in ‘for sale’ shape and also found well-priced contractors and coordinated their work. Most important, for me, were Carolyn’s honesty and diligence. She returned my phone calls or emails almost immediately, even when she was out-of-town.
On the ball and proactive, I never had to remind Carolyn of anything. She always followed up instantly on things, including sorting out inspection issues that came up while the house was under contract. She quickly handled the situation. What could have been very stressful ended up being fine.  She was really diligent and energetic in getting everything done, and also just very honest, nice and trust-worthy. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

— Jenny M., Arlington