Jennifer Dinoia

“Carolyn Connell (also a long-time AAFSW volunteer/former FS spouse) has helped us with both buying AND selling a home and was magnificent with both transactions. 

In 2007, (a tough market period), Carolyn had a strong buyer sign on the dotted line of our (already rented) home within 19 days of our house going on the market! Our previous Realtor wouldn’t even consider putting the tenant-occupied house on the market, but Carolyn stepped up to the challenge and made it the ‘easiest closing ever’ according to the buyer’s Realtor.

Carolyn also helped me buy our current home in 3 days. Other than choosing the house and signing the contract, everything was done by email/phone/fax. (She also found an incredible lender for us who not only found us an excellent loan, but continues to work for us by constantly re-assessing rates to see if we are ready for a refinance or better terms.)

I highly recommend Carolyn.”

— Jennifer Dinoia